How to Get Your Company Set Up

Owners of Professional Home Cleaning Services now have a powerful tool to show clients and potential customers their level of professionalism. Home Cleaner Magazine is pleased to announce the Verified Home Cleaning Pro Program. The ONLY independent screening process for the cleaning industry. When we say VERIFIED, that is exactly what we mean. To participate in the program service owners will submit a copy of their business license, insurance, and customer references. A member of the HCM Programs staff will follow up and verify the information submitted. Each year, the HCM Programs staff will review the information again, to ensure program participants are still current with required documents.

Participants in the program may use the seal to identify their company: for business cards, flyers, company vehicles, website, anywhere they promote their businesses. The Verified Home Cleaning Pro mark will lift program participants above the unprofessional cleaners and pseudo “businesses” they compete against every day.

Program Fees

Two Options for Participation:
One time annual payment $350
Monthly plan $36

  • Program set up and screening process
  • Custom online certificate landing page
  • Press kit and program promotion
  • Inner Circle Pro Education package from Home Cleaner Magazine
  • Participation in consumer education program
  • Personal use of articles to promote your company
  • No expensive ongoing educational requirements

Start your verification here    (on the Home Cleaner Magazine secure site)


1. Register online and pay the Enrollment Fee (Note: It is secure to process your payment through the Home Cleaner Magazine online store)

2. Complete the Pre-Questionnaire and Basic Requirements Survey, and agree to the terms of the program

3. Within three days a member of the HCM Program staff will follow up to initiate the formal screening and verification process. Normal processing time is 1 -2 weeks (depending on how fast your insurance company responds).

4. Once all required minimums have been verified, you will be notified and will receive your certificate and artwork to use the official seal. You will also receive your press kit and roll-out announcement info to use locally.

5. Your custom network webpage will be created within one week of receiving your artwork, logos, photos, and custom company copy. .

6. You will begin receiving press updates and article notifications you can use to promote your involvement in the program.

Program Requirements

Submit copies of all required permits and licenses for your area

Submit copies of insurance information

Request a certificate from your insurance carrier naming Verified Home Cleaning Pro as the holder

Submit three endorsement letters from clients

Completed application and questionnaire

Pre-paid Enrollment fee

Agree to the Terms of Participation in Program

Agree to the Service Pledged

Program Participation Service Pledge

Provide quality service to clients working to ensure satisfaction

Provide service at fair prices with service in mind

Run and Operate Business lawfully within jurisdiction(s), complying with all local, state, and federal regulations

Follow up promptly with customer complaints
Provide a safe work environment for workers
Continue to learn, develop and grow professional competence

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