Most consumers looking to hire someone to clean their homes ask one basic question of the potential provider, “How much do you charge?” While price is obviously a consideration, in the overall scheme of things it is not at the top of the list of criteria which should be considered. The fact is, most householders just don’t know what other questions to ask the person or company to whom they’re thinking about entrusting their personal property and, ultimately, the well-being of family and pets. While asking for references from some of the prospective provider’s other customers can be helpful in determining how satisfied they are with the provider’s cleaning, there are other factors which overshadow workmanship issues.

Recently, Home Cleaner Magazine launched a new independent screening program wherein professional house cleaning companies go through an extensive approval process which allows them to qualify as a participant of the Verified Home Cleaning Pro program. Over the course of approximately two weeks, the process includes verification that the provider is currently and properly licensed and insured, including legally required Workers’ Compensation Insurance. There is a requirement for the participant to ensure a safe working environment for its workers and to teach and enforce an OSHA-compliant safety program. The process also includes a requirement to provide verifiable customer references. The participant must also commit to a Service Pledge which includes ethical business practices, fair pricing, prompt attention to resolving complaints and a commitment to excellence. The Verified Home Cleaning Pro seal will help identify professionals with whom the public will feel more comfortable hiring, thereby providing a benefit to both participating member companies and consumers alike.