4 Corners Clean, LLC in Berwick, ME

4 Corners Clean in Berwick, ME  has completed the enrollment process and has been fully screened. The verification and participation in the program is valid until 11/16/2011, unless otherwise noted on this page. Participants agree to keep all information and program requirements current. To verify the status of any program participant you can refer back to this page or call the program administrator directly with any questions you have about the program or participants at 423.557.5097.

In addition to program requirements of licensing, permits, and insurance; participants in the program agree to the following

Program Participation Service Pledge

  • Provide quality service to clients working to ensure satisfaction
  • Provide service at fair prices with service in mind
  • Run and Operate Business lawfully within jurisdiction(s), complying with all local, state, and federal regulations
  • Follow up promptly with customer complaints
  • Provide a safe work environment for workers
  • Continue to learn, develop and grow professional competence

About 4 Corners Clean:

“4 Corners Clean” is a Premium full-service residential & business cleaning company that has served the Seacoast area for over 20 years. We’ve cleaned over 500 homes, one-at-a-time and many of our clients have been with our company since the year we opened. You are looking for a dependable, trustworthy cleaning company to clean your home/office, and that’s exactly what we’re known for. Get the peace of mind you deserve, and our 24 Hour Cleaning Guarantee!

Living and working in healthier, more appealing surroundings is something that everyone wants. Now, you can realize this wish by hiring “4 Corners Clean” as your residential and commercial cleaning company of choice. Kick dirt and grime out of your home or office with floor-to-ceiling cleaning services from our company . Our competitively priced housekeeping services and commercial cleaning services are perfect for homeowners, property managers, contractors, and business owners because they include every kind of service needed in 1 location!

We are experienced in all types of cleaning, including first-time deep cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleanings. And if you’re looking for window washing, carpet cleaning or floor care services, we can do that too!

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you hire “4 Corners Clean”.

• Cleaning appointments available Monday – Saturday
• Convenient scheduling• 24-Hour Cleaning Guarantee
• State-of-the-Art equipment and supplies
• Ongoing staff training
• Bonded, Licensed and Insured

Rely on our expertise to clean your home so that you can concentrate on your family, friends, and free time! If you think you’re a neat freak, wait until you see our work. We are the Reliable Cleaning Solution you’ve been looking for!

Contact us at: 207-698-5796

Visit us at: http://www.4corners.webforcepro.com

What Actual Customers are Saying About 4 Corners Clean, LLC (These References have been verified)

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform all readers of the services I have acquired from 4 Corners Clean.

Since late fall of 2000, I have been using the services of 4 corners Clean as a residential cleaning service.  This company has performed the cleaning services above-and-beyond my expectations, have been readily available for additional services not previously scheduled, have resolved any issues that may have occurred quickly and effectively, have been willing to provide the services in adverse conditions, have addressed all concerns with the utmost professionalism, have performed the services with well trained and trustworthy staff members, have maintained a great business to customer relationship, have willingly and easily accommodated my frequent schedule changes, and maintained cleaning standards far above competitors that I have had business relations with in the past.


For the past ten years I have been extremely satisfied with the services of 4 Corners Clean and would give them a high recommendation to any future businesses if called upon.

Thank you for your time,

Barbara Gauthier


Dear Diane:

Just a follow up note to thank you  and your staff for the great job you did in keeping my Berwick home clean and cozy.

I meant to be in touch earlier, but the move happened so fast that I got behind in contacting friends.

I wish I could bring you up to South Portland, but know that would be a little far.

Thanks for everything.

Take care,



Dear Four Corners Cleaning,

I would like to thank you for the excellent job that you have done cleaning my home since 2008.  Your work is always professional and thorough and I really appreciate you working with my unique schedule.  I was especially impressed by the job you did unpacking my home, organizing, and decorating.  Your skill and hard work is much appreciated.  I intend to remain a Four Corners Cleaning customer and will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a cleaning service.


Doreen F. Powell

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