Quality Cleaning “Maid to Order” in Fremont, CA

Quality Cleaning “Maid to Order” in Fremont, CA has completed the enrollment process and has been fully screened.

The verification and participation in the program is valid until 02/21/2013, unless otherwise noted on this page. Participants agree to keep all information and program requirements current. To verify the status of any program participant you can refer back to this page or call the program administrator directly with any questions you have about the program or participants at 678.321.4464.

In addition to program requirements of licensing, permits, and insurance; participants in the program agree to the following

Program Participation Service Pledge

  • Provide quality service to clients working to ensure satisfaction
  • Provide service at fair prices with service in mind
  • Run and Operate Business lawfully within jurisdiction(s), complying with all local, state, and federal regulations
  • Follow up promptly with customer complaints
  • Provide a safe work environment for workers
  • Continue to learn, develop and grow professional competence

About Quality Cleaning “Maid to Order”:

We are a family owned & operated business that understands the needs of our clients. This means that the owner and various other members of her family are in the field each and every work day working hands on to assure that only quality work is produced by our staff.   We have been in business since 1986 in the San Francisco bay area, servicing neighborhoods near you.

We are licensed, and fully insured for your protection. All employees are thoroughly trained and background checks are done routinely to assure that only top quality people are working for us. OUR REPUTATION IS SPOTLESS !


We use Environmentally Friendly & Non toxic Cleaners.

We at Quality Cleaning, Maid to Order™ pride ourselves in using the safest, most earth friendly products available. We always clean “Green” plus we can clean “Natural” if requested.  We believe that you do not need to use toxic chemicals to clean.  In fact our Disinfectant is safer than Bleach and less toxic to use than Vinegar, yet EPA classified as hospital grade.  We use only vacuums with Hepa filters that are Green label certified by the CRI (carpet and rug institute).  Plus we practice recycling to minimize the effects on our earth.

What does it mean to be Green or Natural?

While others claim to be “Green” We actually helped to write
the standards for Green Seal that govern the cleaning industry and the chemicals used to clean with!

Contact us at: 510-623-0557

Visit us at: www.peterson-maid2order.com

What Actual Customers are Saying About Quality Cleaning “Maid to Order” (These References have been verified)

Dear Home Cleaner Magazine,

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Maid to Order house cleaning.  Their team is comprised of exceptionally professional cleaners and consistently demonstrates a high level of attention to detail.  I have been a customer for approximately one year and I have been treated with stellar customer service, on-time cleaning, and the flexibility to move appointments around my busy schedule.

Maid to Order house cleaning produces great results.  I have worked with 5 other cleaning services in the past and Maid to Order house cleaning’s work is far and away, among the upper echelon for professionalism.  They are thorough, diligent, and methodical, and balance that dedication to professionalism with a warm, easy-going personal touch that makes working with them a delight.

In short, I strongly recommend Maid to Order house cleaning to be provided the “professional” status by your organization.



Fremont, CA

To “Home Cleaner Magazine”:

I have used the subject house cleaners for over ten (10) years and they always maintain their scheduled cleaning days.  They are very faithful in arriving near the scheduled time on the cleaning day.  They also are flexible and can change the cleaning days when I request a change.

Their work is considered excellent.  I would highly recommend them to others.

Cal Lynch

Fremont, CA

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been enjoying the eco-friendly Green Clean service that local, family-owned & operated Maid to Order offers for years and we love them.  They do a great job and we feel good knowing that we’re not being exposed to dangerous cleaning chemicals or harming the environment.  They are very flexible with frequency and special requirements to fit your budget too.  I really can’t say enough nice things about how great and easy to work with Theresa and her team are.

Kelly Goldsmith

Fremont, CA

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