Flip the Seasons! Fall is the Best Time for a Deep Cleaning

Are You Ready to Do Your Fall Home CleaningOkay, this is just a guess but I would bet that most of you are not thinking about cleaning your windows and those dusty baseboards simply aren’t bothering you so much these days. Chances are you are more preoccupied with college football and thinking about the upcoming holidays which are already nipping at your heels.

Spring is usually the time most people think about a top to bottom cleaning, but if a thorough deep cleaning really gets your senses stimulated in the spring and if the very thought of a professional cleaning crew doing the work excites you even more, you will love this: you will get more “bang for your buck” if you have the cleaning done (or do it yourself) in the fall. And that cleaning (as well as your excitement) will last longer.

Now, I know this goes against what you have been taught by those who came before you who were supposed to know these things. Your mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother would all go into the action at a particular date on the calendar; maybe your dad even got into spring cleaning mode and whipped the garage into an unrecognizable ship shape. The way they did it is not necessarily the way you should. Spring cleaning is a misnomer! Fall is by far the best time for a thorough cleaning. The concept of spring cleaning came about during the times when homes were closed up as tightly as they could be for winter, and sources of heating were dirty fuels such as coal, wood, and oil. All of which left soot, and many other things that seem unimaginable to us now, all over everything in the home; then, it would have only made sense that when the weather changed and the house was about to be opened up that the rugs, bedding and draperies needed to be taken out and beaten to rid them of the soot and ash. The walls, ceilings and floors all had to be washed top to bottom: the windows had to be cleaned so they would be clear.

Due to modern technology, we do not heat our homes the same way, but most homes are still “shut up tightly” for the winter. If you are following the old clean-everything-that-doesn’t-move-and-even-some-things-that-do in the spring, you are not getting the best return on your time or your money if you have it done professionally. Many times even right after a “spring cleaning” is performed, it is too tempting to leave those doors and windows open to let in the wonder of spring. That fresh air smells wonderful and the temperatures are nicer than any AC could ever hope to deliver, but along with the good, comes the pollen, the dust, and the dirt!

So, break out of those old patterns, do your Fall cleaning and make it last. An added bonus is that your home will be holiday ready much earlier and much easier.

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