What Being Verified Means to Customers

The companies that enroll in the Verified Home Cleaning Pro program are the ones doing it right. Often, customers who  hire a “cleaning service” are not aware of  all that is involved, or for that matter, the basic questions that should be asked.

Those individuals owning a home cleaning business who enroll and participate in this program are not only out to promote their companies as professional; they see this as a great way to help customers understand the importance of what it really means to be a “professional cleaning company.” Another advantage is that it also greatly cuts down on the leg work for clients.

With  one phone call or one click of the mouse, customers can be confident that they have made a good choice with a company that has the necessary protections in place to give peace of mind. Without making any additional phone calls to strangers from references that are given, part of the requirements for Verified Home Cleaning Pro is to supply customer references in addition to  other stringent program requirements.

Using a home cleaning company that participates in the VHCP program takes the guesswork and the legwork out of the process. This provides  a huge benefit to customers who may not be aware of what they should be doing. The program already answers the following important questions for consumers:

1. Are you properly insured?

2. Are you a legitimate business?

3. Who will be cleaning my home?

4. How do you screen your workers to ensure my safety and security?

5. Do you have references?

6. If I have a problem, how will you handle it?

This is a great benefit for consumers that not only will cut down on what they have to do on their part to make a good decision, but it will also open up the dialog if they weren’t already aware of what running a professional company means and why that is so important.

It seems unimaginable that after learning all of the aspects involved in the Verified Home Cleaning Pro program,  customers would then knowingly hand the key to their home over to a service or an individual who  could not answer these questions properly.

This information is brought to you by the Verified Home Cleaning Pro, an independent screening and verification program for professional home services. Service owners who enroll and participate in the program are required to meet stringent criteria and are screened and approved to be accepted into the program. Call 423.557.5097 or visit www.verifiedhomecleaningpro.com for complete information on the program and to locate a provider in your area. If you are a professional home cleaning company, contact us about enrolling today to ensure your area is covered.