Enid’s Cleaning Service in Rochester IN

Enid’s Cleaning Service has completed the enrollment process and has been fully screened. The verification and participation in the program is valid until 8/20/2012, unless otherwise noted on this page. Participants agree to keep all information and program requirements current. To verify the status of any program participant you can refer back to this page or call the program administrator directly with any questions you have about the program or participants at 678.321.4464

In addition to program requirements of licensing,permits, and insurance; participants in the program agree to the following Program Participation Service Pledge

  • Provide quality service to clients working to ensure satisfaction
  • Provide service at fair prices with service in mind
  • Run and Operate Business lawfully within jurisdiction(s), complying with all local, state, and federal regulations
  • Follow up promptly with customer complaints
  • Provide a safe work environment for workers
  • Continue to learn, develop and grow professional competence


Enid’s Cleaning Service LLC was founded in 1993 by Enid Tate. We take cleaning to a professional level with continued education, insurances, criminal background checks, drug testing, and customer satisfaction guarantees. We are your home town commercial and residential cleaning pros. Members of Cleaning for a Reason.org and Cleaning for Heroes.org.www.enidscleaningservice.com 574-223-7541email: enid@enidscleaningservice.comWhat Actual Customers are Saying About Enid’s Cleaning Service (These References have been verified)

To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Enid’s Cleaning Service. I have been acquainted with Enid Tate-Shephard for many years now. I was first introduced to Enid’s Cleaning Service when my husband contacted Enid’s Cleaning and inquired about giving me a surprise Christmas gift of having our home cleaned while we were away for the holiday. Before leaving for our trip my husband insisted that I leave the cleaning to him and just concentrate on our upcoming trip. I did the very best I cold to not worry and tried to not be upset when we left for our trip and things were not spic and span. I can recall on the way home from our trip thinking “oh, my when I get home I have so much to do”. Well imagine my surprise when I walk through the front door and am greeted by the smell of freshly cleaned floors, not a sign of dust anyplace. I just walked through the house thinking I must be dreaming, my house has never smelt so clean or looked so wonderful. That was when my husband let me in on his secret he had hired Enid’s Cleaning Service to come in while we were gone and take care of the promise he had made of taking care of the house. I will never forget that Christmas the gift of coming home to a clean house was just the best gift he has ever given me. Since that time we have used Enid’s Cleaning Service on a regular basis, whether it is for a special occasion and extra things need done or just the routine cleaning the results are always the same, FABULOUS. I could not ask for a more reliable, trustworthy, professional or reasonably priced cleaning service than what we always received from Enid’s. As a mother of seven children living at home, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt the service that we receive truly helps me be a better wife and mother it allows me to focus on my family not on cleaning my house.

If you would like any further information regarding Enid’s Cleaning Service, please feel free to contact me at anytime.


Tura Thompson


To Whom It May Concern:

I would highly recommend Enid’s Cleaning Service to anyone. I have referred Enid’s Cleaning Service several times to clients moving into the area and have always had great feedback from them. Some of the comments that were made is that she is very professional, very thorough, and does a great job.

Rochester is a small town and if Enid’s Cleaning Service did not do a great job, they would not have been in business very long.


Gwen Hornstein


To Whom It May Concern:

Enid’s Cleaning Service is one of the most respected businesses in our community. I have personal experience with this service and would not hesitate to recommend Enid’s Cleaning to anyone.

Enid has always performed her duties in a professional manner. I trust her and her employee’s implicitly, and do not hesitate to leave my home/business unattended while she is cleaning. I have found her to be honest and trustworthy and only wish we had more business people like her in our area.


Lela Hoffman

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